Latest news BittwentyCloud

  • Attention Promotion

    Invite 50 friends and get 500 Dogecoin!

    Once you invite 50 friends, create a ticket in support. After checking, you will be credited with 500 Dogecoin.

  • Multi Accounts !

    Dear users ! Do not create multi accounts! If you discover the creation of a multi-account, you risk losing your account and your income!

  • Our Partners

    Our project has a partner ENERGON.

    The Cryptocurrency For Modern And Anonymous Payments.

  • New Crypto currency

    From today it is added for the LISK crypto currency mining.

  • Restoring the work of the payment aggregator.

    The efficiency of the payment aggregator has been restored.

  • Acceptance of payment sending.

    At the moment on the side of the payment aggregator there are delays of replenishment and withdrawal. Please do not worry. After troubleshooting, we will inform you additionally.

  • Adding crypto currency.

    What crypto currencies do you want to mine yet? Write wishes in the ticket.

  • Crypto currencies

    Not All crypto currencies are involved.